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This is great!

Postby Danman007 on Thu Jun 29, 2006 9:57 am

I have been waiting for a site like this. My name is Dan Anderson. I'm a 37 year old whitelock. I have one daughter Danyelle 11 years old who also has a whitelock. We live near St.Cloud Minnesota. I wasn't able to attend the springer family reunion do to work. Danyelle was able to go with my parents Bud and Ruth. She was so excited to see all the whitelocks. She was proud to fit in for a change. This is an awsome way to make our uniqueness a positive thing. I hope to see many members here, so we can share stories and support each other. Let me know if I can help with anything to grow this site.

Thank you,
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Welcome aboard Dan and Danyelle!

Postby ready2sail on Thu Jun 29, 2006 3:24 pm

We're glad to have you as members. That reunion was awesome. It's fantastic that Danyelle was able to make it to the reunion with your folks. Just to see some other whitelocks is exciting. I'm 52 and have never seen so many whitelocks in one place. It was really great to experience. I tried to meet as many as I could, but my head was just spinning with new faces in very short order. I think I may have taken a photo that includes your Danyelle. It was a girl about her age anyhow. I'll have a link to my photos posted this weekend I hope.

I was the winner of the raffle grand prize: a 50' long family tree! It turns out that you and I are third cousins, we share the same great great grandparents. Danyelle and I would be third cousins once removed, or she would be fourth cousins to my boys. My mom and your mom were second cousins. Pretty cool huh?

As you can see by looking around the site, we are just getting started. So make yourself at home, contribute as much or as little as you care to, and bear with us as we work out the bugs. Like you, I think this is something that could benefit us all. I especially want to get the Kid's Corner going as soon as possible. Fortunately for me, I grew up around lots of cousins who also had the whitelock. It's good to know that others have it too.

Take care and thanks again for joining.

Your 3rd cousin,
Mike Reilly
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hi there

Postby kevin springer on Wed Jul 12, 2006 9:29 pm

Im kevin springer and I have the whitelock and my daughter gabrielle has it too my wife is jennifer glad to be here!!!
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kevin springer
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Welcome Kevin and family

Postby ready2sail on Wed Jul 12, 2006 11:05 pm

It was great chatting with you at the reunion. Can't wait for the DVD to be released. You'll let us all know when it's done right? Love what you're doing with the site too. As soon as Jr gets some free time, I'm going to have a page made up here where we can link to our favorite sites, like yours and Janys' and Kim's when she gets one up. Get a whitelock webring going. Be sure to check back in the photos section in a day or so. Kim forwarded a few photos to me that we'll have a link to. One was a great shot of Gabrielle. Hi to Jennifer.
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